Return to Widows Hollow

Return-to-Widows-Hollow-533x800-cover-by-Tony-Graffeo-199x300Have you ever doubted God? They did. How much suffering will He allow—to redeem one soul?
Prepare to fall in love with four year old Daniel Ruddy, the special needs child that will steal your heart as he joins your favorite characters from J. Helen Elza’s unforgettable Rosemillion in this fairy tale-turned-nightmare for Kentuckians, Rose, Suzanne and Bennett who journey to the rural mountains of West Virginia to help a friend establish a medical clinic.
While suffering with the survivors of the worst flood in West Virginia history Rose first learns that her fiancé, Jan, is MIA, and then that he has been killed in Vietnam. Enter Quayle Johnson, the ruggedly handsome Train Man. Obsessed with Rose and tortured by his unspoken love for her, Quayle wants to be the reason that she will not return to Widows Hollow.

Suzanne and Bennett must endure the cruelest hardship of their lives. The court that granted them custody of young Daniel has reversed its decision, condemning the little boy to a life of squalor and horror with the father who despises him.
Do you believe in second chances? Do you believe in judge not lest ye be judged? Grab a hanky and discover the answer for yourself as you join Elza on a journey that lays bare the human heart, a journey that twists and winds through the best and worst of the human experience, a journey that will leave you soggy with tears, and desperate with hope, a journey whose final destination is to be determined. Will Rose and friends survive the challenges of Wolf Laurel Creek? Will they return to Widows Hollow?

J. Helen Elza is the author of the highly acclaimed Rosemillion, available in ten languages. Currently at work on Book III of the Appalachian Trilogy, she hangs out with the dragonflies, seagulls and pelicans in Florida, Texas and Tennessee.

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