helen pic with signatureBest Selling American novelist and poet, J. Helen Elza was born to a Texas-size family in Dallas, Texas.

From age twelve, Elza grew up in a rowdy household in Hurst, Texas with her Korean War Veteran father, her stepmother, seven brothers and two sisters. Being second oldest, Elza did a lot of cooking, dish washing, housekeeping, babysitting, diaper changing, washing and ironing. She hung clothes on the line the old fashioned way and since this was the pre-wrinkle- free era, she ironed baskets of jeans, khakis and shirts every day. When she wasn’t folding diapers, warming bottles or performing chores, she read.

Books became Elza’s best friends early on. She loved reading and writing and as a sixth grader, rhymed a book report on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Her poem was published in the Mid Cities Daily News.

While attending L.D. Bell High School, she won numerous writing competitions and awards and continued as a contributing columnist and sports story writer for the Mid Cities’ newspaper.

Following graduation, she studied psychology and computers at Tarrant County Junior College in North Richland Hills, Texas, and later garnered accolades from the University of Texas at Austin for her essays.

Employed as an executive administrative assistant to attorneys and judges in Texas and Tennessee, Elza witnessed American justice and courtroom drama from a front row seat.

She entered the corporate world as entrepreneur and co-owner of a transportation business that provided Elza with an up close and personal view of America and of the hard working men and women who, in her opinion, continue to make America the greatest nation on Earth.

Observing human nature from California to New York, from Canada to Mexico, and all points in between rewarded Elza with a broad and memorable education.

Drawing from the richness and scope of her experiences, Elza creates unforgettable characters that her readers have come to love. She crafts poetry that speaks with the voice of Everyman and she communicates with the wit and humor that is trademark America from the most rural back road to the most celebrated city.

Prior to 1972, Elza limited her writing to essays, newspaper columns, newspaper stories and poetry; she had never entertained the idea of writing novels. All that changed with a chance encounter with a stranger. an encounter that redirected the course of Elza’s life and birthed her dreams of becoming a novelist.

Elza became an American best selling author with her first novel, Rosemillion. Available in twelve languages, it has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Leaving the corporate world behind, Elza pursues her dream. She now writes and people watches full time from the sandy beaches of Florida, the forested peaks of East Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, and from the picturesque and dusty back roads of the Texas Hill Country.

She appreciates each and every reader and always looks forward to meeting new friends.

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