Hard Mountain

Hard Mountain—Marital bliss is short-lived for newlyweds Rose and Jan who suffer critical injuries in a horrific double accident.  Was the collision fate or was it attempted murder?

It’s 1975, Rose’s horse farm, the S&S Ranch, is under siege. Vandals have returned and this time, leave the burning cross signature of the KKK.  Rose and Mama John’s families have more than they can pray over, nursing Rose and trying to run the ranch when Jimbo discovers trespassers in Rose’s barn.

Nightmares, criminal gangs, and ghosts add to the perils. When he learns that the trespassers’ ongoing presence at Rose’s ranch poses a greater threat to his friends than their uncertain medical conditions, The Train Man returns. The strangers have a secret that can steal the newlyweds’ dreams, if not their lives—and he has come to prevent it, for to Quayle Johnson’s mind, Rose and Jan are more than friends.They are family.

The author promises “Readers will feel Hard Mountain,” the heart-pounding conclusion to her epic romantic saga that will tear at your heartstrings and keep you guessing beyond the betrayals that rock Widows Hollow and put the importance of family to the ultimate test.

Amazon’s #1 best-selling author of Rosemillion, J. Helen Elza, has captivated hearts worldwide with The Appalachian Trilogy, available in ten languages.  In her own words, “My goal is to give my readers more than a good read, I want to give them unforgettable narratives they will experience.”



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