by J. Helen Elza

In this fun, fast-paced Smokey Mountain romp, Young Willie MacGregor bedevils the devil who has snatched Willie’s best friend, Johanna.

Magic and meaning abound in Miracle, J. Helen Elza’s debut book for kids.  This delightful tale pits a normal, adventurous twelve-year-old against Satan the devil.  Confident that he will win the boy’s soul in exchange for the girl’s life, Satan has snatched Willie MacGregor’s best friend, Johanna. But, young Willie, who has ideas of his own, repeatedly bedevils the devil in this fun, fast-paced fantasy that offers young readers glimpses of bravery and wisdom that may follow them past the final page.

Have you ever said to yourself (or out loud, maybe) that just once, you would like to put Satan the Devil in his place?   For all the havoc he’s wreaked and for all the chaos that he’s brought into the world?  Well, hang on to your bucket hat (or whatever kind of hat you wear) because one twelve-year-old kid named Willie MacGregor is about to bedevil the devil.

Willie and his best friend, Johanna, who uses a wheelchair, set off for a grand Smokey Mountain adventure when Johanna suddenly goes missing.  Willie’s search for her leads him into the enchanted forest of the evil shape-shifting Prince Fallon, who, in all his disguises, repeatedly thwarts Willie’s search while trying to win Willie as a new and loyal subject.   Fallon tires of the boy who rejects everything the prince offers; Willie wants nothing but Johanna.  In a temper, Fallon produces the girl and offers Willie an even exchange; Johanna’s life for Willie’s soul. To Fallon’s delight, Willie pleads for Johanna’s safety.

But, is it possible that the prince of demons, masquerading as Fallon, underestimates young Willie who sees through Fallon’s disguises and is not yet finished with the prince?

In her fiction debut for young people (ages 8 and up ), Author Elza (Rosemillion) deftly blends equal portions of suspense, action, and drama in this epic fantasy-adventure. Miracle is a reader’s delight that applauds the power of faith, the spirit of the physically challenged, and the bonds of friendship.

Length: 182 pages  
Age Level: 6 – 18 Grade Level: 2 – 9