by J. Helen Elza

What is it like to go toe-to-toe with evil? To fight the very Prince of Darkness? This is the challenge that faces twelve-year-old Willie MacGregor and his best friend, Johanna, in Miracle, the exciting new book for mid-graders from best-selling author J. Helen Elza.

After a prolonged separation, best friends Willie and Johanna are reunited in a hospital room, but their joy is short-lived. Their dream vacation becomes a nightmare, as Johanna, who now uses a wheelchair, goes missing. Willie’s search for his friend leads him into a forest both fantastic and fearsome, and forces him into escalating confrontations with the evil shape-shifting prince who hates intruders, but welcomes a good fight.

In her fiction debut for young people (ages 8 and up ), Author Elza (Rosemillion) deftly blends equal portions of suspense, action, and drama in this epic fantasy-adventure. Miracle is a reader’s delight that applauds the power of faith, the spirit of the physically challenged, and the bonds of friendship.

Length: 182 pages  
Age Level: 6 – 18 Grade Level: 2 – 9

Macks Shack pic 1I didn’t go to school with Mack, but my friend did.  He claims everybody called Mack a misfit because Mack was the weirdest of weirdos.  Mack didn’t care for school; he was always getting in trouble.  He refused to dress or act like everybody else, Mack preferred to be like himself.  His parents and teachers warned Mack that if he didn’t conform, and behave like his classmates who reflected the norm, that his life would be useless, his chance at success, very small.  Mack said, “We’ll see.” He moved to the desert and built a wall.  Can a misfit find success, after all?  This author believes they can.  She believes in you, too.

Mack’s Shack is J. Helen Elza’s humorous, tongue-in-cheek, Seussian treatise regarding the foibles of a nonconforming misfit whose illogical yet masterful work of art clearly illuminates the peculiarities of human nature’s finest conformists.