by J. Helen Elza

What is it like to go toe-to-toe with evil? To fight the very Prince of Darkness? This is the challenge that faces twelve-year-old Willie MacGregor and his best friend, Johanna, in Miracle, the exciting new book for mid-graders from best-selling author J. Helen Elza.

After a prolonged separation, best friends Willie and Johanna are reunited in a hospital room, but their joy is short-lived. Their dream vacation becomes a nightmare, as Johanna, who now uses a wheelchair, goes missing. Willie’s search for his friend leads him into a forest both fantastic and fearsome, and forces him into escalating confrontations with the evil shape-shifting prince who hates intruders, but welcomes a good fight.

In her fiction debut for young people (ages 8 and up ), Author Elza (Rosemillion) deftly blends equal portions of suspense, action, and drama in this epic fantasy-adventure. Miracle is a reader’s delight that applauds the power of faith, the spirit of the physically challenged, and the bonds of friendship.

Length: 182 pages  
Age Level: 6 – 18 Grade Level: 2 – 9