What the Readers are Saying About Rosemillion

Highly recommended!

Rosemillion is a heart-wrenching story of extremely poor mountain people struggling to preserve their life-styles. I loved the way Pick, Stump Simpson, Mamma John and their neighbors portrayed decent people who were honest, trustworthy, and fiercely supportive of each other. We saw greed and lack of human compassion in wealthy Stephen Stalworth. The character development in this book was deep as Suzanne, Jan, and others tried to breach the class barriers to help the people of Widows Hollow. The author enabled me to feel that I was actually there at times, the mark of a top quality novel. Linda Husvar “ljhorsewoman” April 24, 2015


I loved this book.

This was the first book I’ve read by this author.It was fantastic.Really nice to not have to skip pages because of the language.
I will be reading the sequel to this one. Linda Hunt

One of the best books I have read!

Great story can’t wait to read book 2 “return to widows hollow” J. Helen Elza is a great author and story teller. Dena Gray

Wow! This author is fantastic. It is one of the best books I have read. The novel truly touched my heart. A gentle read, but also a page turner. Mtn Rose

I just finished Rosemillion and I can say that I was well entertained while reading it. I loved the character descriptions and quickly identified with them. I was transported to the primitive Appalachian enclave by the author and I thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Most everyone knows that there are pockets of people living in Appalachia who live in abject poverty and this tale describes that very well. The genuine warmth and love that the residents of Widow’s Hollow feel for each other is heartwarming. In this story a 16 year old girl suddenly has to step up and raise her siblings due to the deaths of her parents. She is an overcomer and has the grit and determination to see it through in spite of the odds being against her. This is a well written and tender love story sprinkled with surprises, and I will want to read more of the life and times of the heroine, Pick McKinley. G.S.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I purchased it based on readers reviews and I’m glad I did. well written with characters that make you care about them and their lives. I look forward to reading the second book in this trilogy. Angelyze364

I love this book!

This book transported me to another world. I laughed and cried. Many twists and turns. I wish the other two books were published. I plan to read both of them. H2S

Delightful…totally delightful!

I’ve read a lot of books and on many different subjects and cultures, by this one has been by far one of the most delightful and heartwarming stories ever. Yes, it’s predictable but it still makes you feel good; yes, you expect the “privileged” son to take advantage, and he does…but I feel the characters came to life here and you were able to feel what they felt in their happy and very sad times. Needless to say, I very much recommend this book. B.D.

I did not want this story to end!!! I love the book and hope that there is a sequel to it. There should be more books written like this. The ending was wonderful!!! Sharon Duty

I paid to read this book and I loved it! I don’t have the time to read every book I want but this one was worth it. Any book that softens my heart and makes me cry in a good way in this unsettling world is worth a “million.” Thanks Elza Rose ohcherryoh! Cherry and David Haymes, Dallas, Texas, USA

Wonderful page-turner! I have just finished reading Rosemillion and highly recommend it. The author is masterful at weaving wonderful story lines and characters into a real page turner, with many different emotions – love, faith, suspension, joy, and also sadness at times. Having lived in Kenova, WV, on the Big Sandy River, and now living in KY, I could relate to the scenarios described in the ongoing saga of those “Big City Slickers”, the poverty stricken, and the caring medical professionals. This book took me back years to the trials and tribulations of those less fortunate and had me cheering when they prevailed against the “haves”. This is truly an inspirational book and a wonderful read. Pat Mcglone, KY

Very good book. I loved it. As you soon find out money does not buy anything of importance. Love is free and it comes through so effectively in this book. A definite five. Judy Walker

Fast enjoyable read!
Rosemillion is a fast enjoyable read sure to keep the attention of those who love Appalachian tales. I highly recommend it. Deanna

Five Stars!
Love, love, loved it! Moved right on to Book 2. H.J.

Wonderful, moving, should make people in Kentucky proud. Wonderful, moving, should make people in Kentucky proud should be read by all in the Appalachian mountains, a page turner. B.M.

Pure enjoyment.
I really enjoyed this book and look forward to a sequel. Please, you can’t leave all of them and all of us just hanging and wondering. BattleAxe Annie TX

A gentle tale of solid values and courage…a good read. Personally I found it overly religious but nevertheless the story was enchanting. There were some odd features in the story and style, but they didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the tale, and the twists towards the end. Well done Helen. D.C. New Zealand

A lovely titled book for a lovely written book. My father grew up in deep Appalachia. I didn’t know much about His early life so I began reading books that took place in Appalachia trying to understand him more even though he is deceased we still have a strong bond of love. This book showed me how everybody gets together and help each other out when things are bad. Not exactly the way my father told me his life was but a nice book that kept my attention. Javagirl1

5.0 out of 5 stars truly enjoyable! A lovely story! Keeps your interest throughout. I truly enjoyed this book. What else has she written? Good works are rewarded. Gloria Richmond

This book transported me to another world. I laughed and cried. Many twists and turns. I wish the other two books were published. I plan to read both of them. hope2soon

I bought the book not knowing what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I am hoping the follow-up comes out soon. It is just one of those books that makes you want to read more about the story and the characters. It was an easy read with good characters and an interesting plot with plenty of twists. I enjoy reading stories about characters in the Appalachian region and their lives, good and bad. If you enjoy this type of story then you won’t be disappointed. Donald C. Drake “The Drake” Virginia

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What Readers Are Saying About Return to Widows Hollow

Love this Author!

Looking forward to J. Helen Elza’s next book. I really enjoy her stories of the south. She has a fantastic imagination. Dena Gray

Absolutely Fantastic

What a great sequel to the first book. There has to be another to get the train man a wife. Linda Hunt

Couldn’t Put It Down

Suspenseful, always something happening, good ending. Good description of characters, can’t wait to read the next book.

Hope it’s as exciting. Lorraine Oldenski

I enjoyed very much being able to follow Rose’s story….

I enjoyed very much being able to follow Rose’s story into another chapter of her life. This was a very good read. Loraine H. McKenzie

A wonderful Story!

This was even better than the first book. I couldn’t put it down. It was one exciting adventure after another. This book brought out all my emotions, but I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait for the third book. R.V.


I bought this book after reading the first of “The Appalachian Trilogy, Rosemillion”, I think this one is as good or better then the first one. I found myself lost in the time and experiencing the fears, the pain, the loss and the joys of the wonderfully described characters. I fell in love with Rose and all the other characters in the book, I cried, bit my nails, and laughed out loud, I can see Daniel playing with his cars in my mind now, it makes me smile and want to learn how to sign. This book was easy to read and hard to put down, I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! A.C.

West By God Virginia 
What a wonderful story. All learned a lesson on life with truth in their words. I was born in WV. I lived there till I was 17yrs old. I’ve lived in CA, Alaska, FL and now in AZ. WV is the best kind of people anyone would want to know. Some of the old ways of thinking are still alive from our elder’s teaching us from an early age. Trust what God is telling you. Live a good honest life treating people the way YOU like to be treated. This wonderful story tells it all. M.E.

If you like Rosemillion, you will love Return to Widows Hollow
I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to review the second book in this Trilogy, and if you like Rosemillion, you will love Return to Widows Hollow. Again, this author has woven many different story lines into a book you will not want to put down. It is an amazing continuation of the characters from Rosemillion, and again, filled with joy, faith, and the values that our society has gotten away from. I highly recommend both of these books, and can’t wait for the third book in this Trilogy. Kudos, J. Helen Elza!!! P.M.

Could not put it down
After reading Rosemillion, I had to get this book. And I’m glad I did. there wasn’t any disappointment. It took you at the start and did not let go until the end. I could not put it down. Excellent book. D.G.

Absolutely marvelous. just as good as the first one if not a little better. wow, can hardly wait for the next book. B.M.

Most enjoyable
Excellent character ‘s and plot. Very enjoyable read. Look forward to the next book! Suspense, heartache and joy! Something we all have experienced. S.P.

Another Wonderful Book About Widows Hollow People
The main character that I loved, Pick McKinley, returns as Rose. The story is centered in a coal mining town in West Virginia. Full emotions, tragedy, great love and humor, I think readers will love this one almost as much as book one: Rosemillion. D.R.