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Remember fairy tales? They’re back…. The strangers came first for the timber. Next they came for the coal. Now, they’ve returned—for Widows Hollow.

Return To Widows Hollow

Have you ever doubted God? They did. How much suffering will He allow—to redeem one soul?
Prepare to fall in love with four year old Daniel Ruddy.

All That Stays

Traditional poems that are warm and friendly as a winter fireplace, and as with all things JHE, this collection stirs more than memories, it stirs the soul.


What is it like to go toe-to-toe with evil? To fight the very Prince of Darkness? This is the challenge that faces twelve-year-old Willie MacGregor and his best friend, Johanna.


Elza is honored to have Larrs Jackson, the voice of Hollywood, bringing her characters to life in Rosemillion, the audio.  Jackson was chosen by Director Jim Meskimen, to voice two of the characters in Meskimen’s “Battlefield Earth”, the number one best selling audio book in the country. 


Listen to the first 2 chapters of Rosemillion Here

by J. Helen Elza | Rosemillion

JHE-edited-by-Todd.jpg-213x300From age twelve, Elza grew up in a rowdy household in Hurst, Texas with her Korean War Veteran father, her stepmother, seven brothers and two sisters. Being second oldest, Elza did a lot of cooking, dish washing, housekeeping, babysitting, diaper changing, washing and ironing. She hung clothes on the line the old fashioned way and since this was the pre-wrinkle- free era, she ironed baskets of jeans, khakis and shirts every day. When she wasn’t folding diapers, warming bottles or performing chores, she read.

Books became Elza’s best friends early on. She loved reading and writing and as a sixth grader, rhymed a book report on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Her poem was published in the Mid Cities Daily News.

While attending L.D. Bell High School, she won numerous writing competitions and awards and continued as a contributing columnist and sports story writer for the Mid Cities’ newspaper.

Following graduation, she studied psychology and computers at Tarrant County Junior College in North Richland Hills, Texas, and later garnered accolades from the University of Texas at Austin for her essays.

“What fans are saying”

2000px-5_stars.svg_An extremely well-written story showing that all differences between the bigoted, well bred rich people in a small Kentucky community and the poor as dirt, uneducated people from Widows Hollow come to nothing when the truth is discovered in the end. A seemingly impossible love develops between a wealthy man from town and a girl with no formal education from the Hollows. A wonderful mystery is solved in the books last pages.

2000px-5_stars.svg_Highly recommended!
Rosemillion is a heart-wrenching story of extremely poor mountain people struggling to preserve their life-styles. I loved the way Pick, Stump Simpson, Mamma John and their neighbors portrayed decent people who were honest, trustworthy, and fiercely supportive of each other. We saw greed and lack of human compassion in wealthy Stephen Stalworth. The character development in this book was deep as Suzanne, Jan, and others tried to breach the class barriers to help the people of Widows Hollow. The author enabled me to feel that I was actually there at times, the mark of a top quality novel.
Linda Husvar “ljhorsewoman” April 24, 2015


One of the best books I have read!
Great story can’t wait to read book 2 “return to widows hollow” J. Helen Elza is a great author and story teller. Dena Gray


Wow! This author is fantastic. It is one of the best books I have read. The novel truly touched my heart. A gentle read, but also a page turner. Mtn Rose